B A R R Y   R  J E T E R
Fine Arts Studio

Well friends, it's been something like 30 years that I have been doing Three Rivers Arts Festival and I have decided to allow some others to take the mantel.  I will miss the show because of the many people I have met and friends I have made because of the show.  As many of you know I do all of my own matting and framing and this accounts for at least two weeks prep prior to any show and if it was a good show, can easily account for two to two and one half weeks time filling orders after a show, so this show accounts for a full month.  I would like to have a little more private time for gardening on our little one acre farm, more time with my wife, a little more golf and yes, even some painting.  You can't paint when you are matting and framing and doing shows!!  Three Rivers was always a good show for me and actually is one of the reasons I have been so successful with my work.  It was at Three Rivers, way back in 1979 that I met Frederick Graff from Media, Ohio.  Turns out he was teaching watercolor classes out of doors (en plein aire) and that was exactly what I was looking for so I quickly signed up for one of his workshops.  I studied with Fred for thirteen years, taking as many workshops that I could. Fred was/is an outstanding teacher.  So you see, if not for Three Rivers, I might not have had the training that I did and if not for the show I may have not have met many of you.
People running the show do a great job as well as all the volunteers, I can't say enough as to how they are willing to help.  It is a difficult show with it being smack in the middle of downtown and all but they know how to handle it.  Tip of the hat to the Three Rivers Crew

Now then,  please note, those of you who would like to see my work, in a downtown venue, please visit me at the Home and Garden Show in March.  This is downtown Pittsburgh at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. This is an indoor show so (obviously) no weather issues.  I am always located on the second floor on "artists row".  Don't come expecting an art show....after all it is a home and garden show but still lots of interesting things to see.  I have done the show for over ten years and it is a lot of fun.  Weekends can be very busy so a week day may be best although week day hours are evening hours only, except Friday which is a full day.
Please come by and see me if you get the chance!!

                                                            ​New Small Gallery

Second announcement...…..for years I have had people asking me if they can come to my studio and see my work and many have but with that said my studio is a working studio and I have practically no place to hang or show paintings so I would have to know beforehand as to what they were interested in so as to make sure I had that particular item ready for them to see.  It is for that reason that  I just recently completed work on my small springhouse gallery that will serve to allow viewers to come by and see some of my work on display.
The gallery is not open yet (lots of matting and framing to do before that) but soon.  I will post on my home page when ready.

Hours:   By appointment only, as of now.  (Gotta make sure I am home)  …..by appointment with never an obligation to purchase. You can stop by and  just look around if you desire or check out my studio. 
I may occasionally have some regular hours posted or days that the gallery is open and I will post that on the home page of my website.

So, to wrap things up, I will miss Three Rivers but I will enjoy a little more leisure time and I am hoping to see some of you taking the 30 minute or so trip south of Pittsburgh out into the country to visit Barry's Springhouse Gallery.  Actually, I am located just 12 minutes from Waterdam Plaza.  Eight minutes from Trax Farms ...it's easy!
Not doing Three Rivers?
A new Gallery?