B A  R R Y  R.  J E T E R

Dear friends and collectors.......

I certainly do sincerely hope this finds all of you well in all this craziness,  I know it has disrupted everyone's 
daily life one way or the other.
Here at the studio/gallery things have been subdued which can be a good thing in some ways but of course with all the art shows that have cancelled, that I have attended for years, we won't be seeing each other at that venue.  I miss chatting with you all, I really do.
That brings me to my sale......and here's the deal........  I have NO  ENTRY FEES
                                                                                                      NO SHOW FEES
                                                                                                       NO TRAVEL FEES
                                                                                                        NO "EATING OUT FEES"
                                                                                                          NO "LABORING DAYS AT THE FESTIVAL"

That means I am saving money and I can for the first time pass these savings on to you.  I have never had this much of a discount before.  

This is not limited to just what I have hanging on the gallery walls but custom framed pieces and different sized pieces as well.

What's the catch????   Well, as I said on the Home page this is on framed reproductions of $100. or more.
                                       (The smaller units don't qualify ....just too much labor for those small pieces.)

                                      This is pickup at my gallery only.

                                      I can ship but I cannot offer half off on shipping as I have done for years....Fedex pricing                                         keeps going up and I cannot absorb even half the fee with this discount.  That means                                                most units (of medium size) would ship for $25. instead of the $12. that I offered at shows

                                          No other discounts can apply.

Give me a call to set a time for viewing at the gallery or place an order with me over the phone if that works better for you.  We can discuss matting/framing, maybe a special size you are trying to fit somewhere, let's see if I can help you with that.
Thank you all for the previous business over the last what.....over twenty five years....almost thirty, wow!!




SALE ! ! !
15% off all framed limited edition reproductions ! ! !