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"Airline Chief"
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After several years of passing by a small out building on a rural road just north of Pittsburgh, I noticed that the owner always had some sort of a wreath displayed upon the door.  In the summer, possibly a wreath of vine, and in the winter maybe a holiday theme, but always something and always changing.  I found myself looking forward to seeing what the next selection would bring.
     In this painting, I tried to capture the charm of that old structure, but my first sketches seemed to be fruitless, they just didn't seem to say as much as I wanted, so, the painting was on hold.  Clearing out my cellar, however, was the key to finishing the painting, for in doing so I came across the sled "Airline Chief" made by Flexible Flyer, circa the 50's which I promptly included in my sketch.  Given the important role of my new participate, I titled the painting accordingly.

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