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"Holiday Trimmings"
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     Another scene that I had observed for several years, before seeing it in a way that really made me want to paint it.  Passing through this small town, Etna, just north of Pittsburgh, the large grey building at the end of the street seemed to put on many faces under various lighting situations, but even though interesting, it wasn't until the holiday decorations went up that I felt that it had the punch I was looking for.
     Speaking with several of the townsfolk, I learned that Etna's business district is unique, having more pre-civil war store fronts than any other town in the county.  The large grey building was built as the "Union Hotel" in 1853 and had, I am told, a grand dance hall on the top floor.  No longer a hotel but hosting a deli on the street level, the deli's owner was kind enough to show me around back to see the original stabling and hitching area where the guests could bed down their horses.

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