Barry R. Jeter

All artwork displayed on this site falls under U.S. copyright law and may not be reproduced without written permission from the Artist.

       The simplist  way is to  call and talk to me, Barry,  personally,  I will help you pick your best options for shipping  and answer any other questions you may have. Please  phone:
and of course you may order or communicate via e-mail at
please note the "r" between my first and last name above email address, otherwise your email will go to Barry Jeter the florist somewhere in Mich.

Shipping reproductions is rather simple with, of course, absolute assurance that your artwork will arrive in pristine condition or we will replace.
Reproductions are rolled and shipped in a tube.
Framed reproductions, small to mid-sized will be boxed of course and usually shipped Fedex.  Shipping rates are very reasonable with Fedex averaging $10. to ship this side of the Mississippi.    As everyone knows shipping rates are increasing rapidly.  
We are holding the price so far.

Large framed reproductions are more difficult to ship due to size.  They require quite a large box to create a buffer zone and as a result usually run around $40. to ship on this side of the Mississippi and $49 to ship to the west of the Mississippi.

Over fifteen years of shipping.......Damages to date......two.  Please call immediately if yours is the third.

Large Framed original artwork poses certain shipping hazards that must be overcome.  Taping of the glass to prevent damage if broken and additional packing to keep your artwork safe.  

Medium to small original  paintings are shipped with relative ease.  There  is no assumed risk on the buyers part.   Please call for additional information.

Sales tax is required on all sales in the state of PA.

Art clubs, groups or individuals wishing information on WORKSHOPS or lecture fees please contact the same numbers provided above.  Brochures are available upon request.

Mailing address:    Please call 412.331.2238 for mailing address if needed

Shipping and handling is additional, please call for rate
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